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Also, the volume problem was fixed.
Tell us what you think, that includes songs. We decided to step outside of TB for this one just this once haha.
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Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ay234hgayi7zria
Sorry for the wait, we are currently recruiting cleaners and expert retouchers.

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Here is the link :  http://www.mediafire.com/?ke33jorregpv16y

Be courteous when re-posting, for the record, our translations will only be posted here by the team. Everywhere else is someone else's doing.

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Hello Everyone,

Chapter progress will be postponed until June (approx 2 weeks exactly) due to testing season as well as transition from second semester to summer classes.
Thank you for your patience.
See you all in two weeks, ne <3

Edit: I guess I should also mention, these will only be available for download on this site *cough* due to some licensing issues with Mangafox. I do not own any part of Trinity Blood or its characters.

P.S, if anyone has any info on this (especially shoujo beat licensing) please leave a comment.




Thanks to s4gk for catching our mistake,

For those of you in the dark (comically including the team), the original post containing the CH 52 DL link had been saved but never published, but no one hadn't noticed it until now. Instead of re-posting the usual words of encouragement and thanks containing the link, I included the English DL link alone. The only thing that bothers me is that now the posts are out of order (darn).
The moral of the story being: If you notice anything about the site that's off, you can always leave a comment in the SUGGESTION BOX page or chat box and let us know.
Thanks everyone 

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mrgyrl3xq5m9e6n



English Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?bibp8qhpqhj9hu9

This chapter was particularly satisfying -as is any chapter with W.W.W- we hope you enjoy!

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For those of you who fell in love with the anime OST, here's the link for the downloadable file.
Songs include:

1. Resolution
2. Kresnik

3. Departure 

4. Reminiscence
5. Tactics
6. Trinity Blood

7. Clear heart
8. Master of darkness
9. Rosencreutz Orden
10. Despair
11. Let me hear (Strings Version)
12. Conspiracy
13. Crisis
14. Tenderness
15. Heretic
16. Search mode
17. Merry moment
18. Albion
19. Assault
20. Grief
21. Wish
22. Betrayer
23. Broken Wings piano
24. Cain & Abel

25. Requiem Inori


Forgive Me

Hello disappointed TB fans. I am posting to apologize for my absence lately and the delay on the chapter release. I promise it's worth the wait, and with every chapter we become better at the process. If anyone can offer their time we have several small tasks that can be done towards the completion of the series.
Thank you for continuing to love this series as much as we do,



The polls are in, and as expected, Abel is the most worthy male character in the series!

I must say I am disappointed, I was hoping to see more people vote for Leon...I mean come on ladies and gentlemen, Leon get less votes than Radu and Petros of all people? Petros was practically thrown in for good measure. Unacceptable.

 On another note Tres won the popularity contest over Cain? Out of 58 votes, Tres scored in second and Ion scraped into third. Definitely did not see that coming.

Well, let's take a break from testosterone for a while with our next poll (what with guys on the banners and backgrounds).  If you could, take a minute to tell us what you think of the site?

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Chapters 55 & 56 Release, please comment

This is a copy of the thread posted on mangafox about our questions surrounding the release of chapters 55 and 56 onto mangafox...

Hello everyone,

This is a post to collect info on what you think should happen with chapters 55 and 56. As you may know the chapters have been translated by ManekiKoneko, but we've found a few mistakes while scanning through them and the raws. But this post is not about that. We wanted to know how many people want a chapter to be released using an edited translation with credits to ManekiKoneko, or if anyone has already begun their own version, or is in the process of typesetting Koneko-san's version into the pages. 
This is mainly to avoid having more than one group working on the scans, and the confusion or disappointment that follows. As of now, we plan to translate the entire chapter from scratch, but we will not begin until we've heard from everyone.
Please, post what you think about this or what you would like to be done. We have not touched the chapters other than scanning over the translations by Koneko-san, as we are busy with chapter 54. 
Your opinions are appreciated, thank you.
Sincerely, S.S group members.

Comments on the blog page can be left either on this post or on our suggestions box tab
Thanks again<3


CHAPTER 53 English Download

Well Anon, It's here,

Chapter 53 is finally completed and currently uploading to Mangafox (70% so far...)
I'de like to thank the entire team, who did an excellent job, as always <3 I hope everyone enjoys the finished product!

Here is the English download .rar


Don't re-post this version please, it does not have our banner. If anything, please remember to give credit where it is due.

Thanks in advance for uploading the newest chapters to Koemidvm<3 They look great



Hello everyone,

The scans for the last few chapters have created a few challenges for us as far as cleaning goes. The pages need more detailed work than before because of wrinkling in the pages (as from moisture).

To address this, we're recruiting a cleaner that knows how to fix this without washing out the lines on the page (Q-sensei draws light enough as it is).

If you can offer your help, the emails are on the JOIN US page.

Thank you all again<3



Hello dear viewers, its become a reoccurring theme that people leave comments and do not include any ways for me to reply to them. This means i have to post comments on my own posts so that they MAY read it if they remember where they commented.

SO, the genius solution was to install a chat box, every once in a while ill clean it up, but this is a good way of getting in touch with any members online without leaving any info on the site or emailing us.

To anonima-chan:  hay muchas maneras en qual tu puedes ayudarnos sin hablar ingles o japones. Simplememnte contacta a qualqier de nosotros.

Thanks, Gracias <3



I know i already have a post out there, but this one is for emphasis, in order to finish this series we neeeeed   a japanese translator who is VERY  fluent and does not collapse under work. This is a tremendously packed two chapters (52 will be out soon, this is mostly 53 and 54) so for this one I'm giving a disclaimer. Any little bit of help is TREMENDOUSLY  appreciated.

I'm really excited to get these chapters out there, Abel is to die for in these, it would be torture to release one and then in 3 months the other. Because with only two translators, its at least 3 months of work.

Thanks everyone<3



Hey everyone we still have a comfy spot open for one japanese >english translator and a cleaner/typesetter.
Anyone that can pass my japanese spot test is in for the translator, and anyone who has paint.net or photoshop and can show me a beautifully cleaned page ill assign them is in as well.
Trinity blood is an amazing series and I really want to finish it for everyone out there. Unfortuntely me and divina are both extremly busy and could use a hand with things like cleaning.
Thanks everyone



I want to thank everyone that emailed me supplying scans, some of them were beautiful. The series is almost spent, considering the mangaka isn't releasing any new chapters for a while. I believe its only a hiatus, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, I'de like to invite anyone who's interested to check out this team's site. They're not up just yet, but contact them if you wanna help! They just recently started out and are looking for all positions. The leader's sweet, and you can check them out on mangafox.




Trinity Blood CH.51 English download

Click here for CHAPTER 51 uploaded to Mangafox. Someone suggested I make the file downloadable for those who don't like to read manga online. However, If i find this uploaded elsewhere without any credit or permission, ill take them all down and burn whoever posted it without our permission.
All you have to do is ask, we post on Mangafox, but if another site doesn't have this chapter, email us, and we'll post it there too. It's that easy.



Our first post after much frustration, chapter 51 is up!
exactly 1:36 AM eastern time, the thing uploaded.
I feel like celebrating, and for any viewers, thank you<3
special thanks to Ana from Blawim fan-subs, our provider of the Spanish scans, if it wasn't for her I would be moping around with my hands in my pockets.
And thanks to everyone on Mangafox who offered help with edits and raws on the Japanese chapters, its incredibly reassuring ね!



Recruiting japanese>english translators. Details on JOIN page, only have one translator at the moment, would love to also help with any series you are interested in. Work evenly split by series. Will recruit anyone that has taken 3 years of highschool japanese, or 1 in-depth course at university level. Or anyone that can pass our spot test.


About file saving

If you are in charge of editng only a small part (2-9 pages) its better to send to another member that's in charge of tha chapter. Please don't save it on the site as it's own file.

It's also recomended that every member have a mediafire account to host files. This just makes it easier to link. Remember to set a password. The team password is only shared through private mail, please don't give it out or let it be anywhere in the blog. That defeats the purpose.

Mangafox does not receive all file types, so when saving files remember to zip them. This also saves room on your mediafire and computer if you have a laptop or read on your phone.      

Thank you<3


BLANKS are manga pages that have been leveled and the text erased or "cleaned".

BLANKS are to be labeled in capitol letter just as RAWS for ease when looking through files.

Blanks can be deleted only after the translated product is uploaded.

Thank you<3


RAWS are manga pages that are not translated or cleaned. To clean a page means to change its levels so that the paper of the page does not show and the images are as close to black and white as they can.

RAWS are to be sent to every member the first day and make sure everyone is on the right page.

RAWS are only for translation reference. If they're a little dirty, change the levels or send me and ill level them to be in black and white. But for no reason are they to be deleted as they are ususally taken off of the internet after a while.

All of our team's files are password protected.

Thank you<3